L’Olivette fruité noir

AOP Olive Oil from the Baux de Provence Valley

The “fruity black”, or traditional oil of which we only produce 250 liters per year, comes from the same olive groves as the “fruity green”, but the olives are harvested a little later, at full maturity.
Once harvested, they are stored for a few days in tightly sealed containers to undergo fermentation. It is during this process that the typical aromas of “black fruit” develop: mushrooms, undergrowth, candied fruit, olive paste, sourdough bread, black tapenade… which evokes the olive oil of our ancestors without its defects, since fermentation is perfectly controlled.

Our “fruity black” is distinguished by its very complex aromas that reveal themselves smoothly in the mouth: cocoa, black olive paste, all topped off with a note of truffle. An “old-fashioned” oil, round and balanced.

Usage (cold): in garlic salad, to make a very tasty mayonnaise, to add flavor to mashed potatoes, as a drizzle on preserves and vegetables, and of course essential for the success of aioli.

Wine Label: AOC de la Vallée des Baux de Provence

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