Souffle d’Eole rosé 2023

A rosé without added sulfites.

New to the 2018 vintage, this sulfite-free rosé offers a very pure and natural vision of rosé. Vinified in terracotta amphoras with meticulous work on the lees, it is an ode to mineral and elegance. Its subtle orange-pink hue blends harmoniously with its delicate nose of wild strawberry, peach, and honeysuckle. The subtle play between liveliness and gentleness extends into a precise and balanced finish.

Grape varieties : Grenache 50%, Counoise 25%, Carignan 25%
Wine Label :IGP Alpilles

12,5% VOL.
2024 – 2025

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Régal – july 2022: Provence Nouvelle Vague. This Rosé is delicate yet generous, never heavy and yet incredibly delicious, setting the tone for a new and unapologetically gastronomic wave! A little wonder, dressed in red fruits and floral notes.

Challenges - 22/06/23 : A fruity and lively treat (wild strawberry, peach...) made without sulfites and fermented in a "concrete egg" tank by the domain d'Eole team (from the hills of Aix). Se boit sans effort et avec beaucoup de plaisir avec quelques anchois à l'escabèche.

FirstLuxe Mag – 22/06/21: Souffle d’Éole Rosé 2021 […] offers a very pure and natural vision of rosé […]. Its subtle orange-pink hue blends harmoniously with its delicate nose of wild strawberry, peach, and honeysuckle. The subtle interplay between liveliness and softness lingers on a precise and balanced finish.

L'Express – 22/06/14: A wine blend fermented in concrete eggs and without sulfites for a pure and natural vision. Delicate honeysuckle notes
Courrier Cauchois – 22/05/29: Without added sulfites, the bright fuchsia rosé wine delivers on the nose pure and delicate notes of red berries. Opulent, with notes of grenadine, the mouth tightens on the finish, salivating. – 22/04/25: An ode to minerality and elegance. Its subtle orange-pink hue blends harmoniously with its delicate nose of wild strawberry, peach, and honeysuckle. The subtle play between liveliness and gentleness extends into a precise and balanced finish.

Singulars – 22/03/31: Her dress is a charming raspberry pink. Mineral, it unfolds a softness yet lively. A beautiful balance that blends perfectly with spicy Asian cuisine or Mediterranean cuisine. – 22/03/15 : A colorful pearl without added sulfites. A ball of orchard fruits, with crunchy little red berries that make us fall in love, all in a floral fragrance of the Mediterranean scrubland. He hears it with his touch, like an invitation to bring this rosé to the table. Ode to dishes with character accompanied by harmonies in great tone and precise accuracy.

Gourmets & Co – 21/06/02: The counoise grape, present in the blend, is a fairly rare varietal of Châteauneuf-du-Pape that typically brings depth to the color of the wines, both in reds and rosés. In its company, you'll find the indispensable fruity and spicy grenache, the smooth and aromatic cinsault, and of course the syrah full of red fruits. A rich and subtle wine with aromas of ripe fruits, lots of lightness, and a beautiful long finish for a rosé. A superb rosé that can unashamedly accompany a whole summer meal.

EcoRéseau Business - june 2021: Born from a blend dominated by Grenache (60%), a key grape variety in southern viticulture, it is complemented by the airy Cinsault (10%), the Rhone Counoise (15%), and the spicy Syrah (15%). The wine was fermented in concrete eggs and regularly stirred on its lees, a process that generates richness. Result: an elegant rosé adorned with a bright rose petal color that, upon subtle inhalation, reveals an eloquent bouquet of macerated cherries, raspberry, sage, and tarragon. The palate is refined and the long finish extends this festival A very graceful rosé that is waiting for a saffron chicken to accompany it, but also for dishes cooked on the griddle (octopus or shrimp), sautéed vegetables, a paella, and more.

3 Etoiles – Summer 2021: Her color is quite bright and leans towards that of a tangerine. On the nose, it releases aromas of red fruits such as cherry, raspberry, and wild strawberry. Some notes that can be tasted in the mouth alongside ginger. A round, fruity, slightly bitter, long, and spicy rosé.

Objectif Bien-Etre – 20/05/22: A blend without added sulfites […], with aromas of red fruits and hints of citrus. Perfectly balanced and full of freshness, it will bring a touch of liveliness to this spring dish (asparagus rice) drizzled with a dash of olive oil!

L’Honoré Magasine – 20/05/27: Grenache and Syrah thrive on the plains of Eygalières, but Counoise and Cinsault do as well. The Souffle d'Eole 2019 is proof of it. Jeune, ce rosé sans sulfites, vision pure et naturelle du rosé, montre sur sa robe claire quelques reflets orangés. Il dévoile d'abord un nez gourmand de fraises des bois, de pêche et de fleurs. And finally shows a liveliness not devoid of sweetness that extends to a balanced finish. With a little bit of imagination, we could see in front of us a plancha and a spicy octopus, which would clearly suit him more than the ice cubes on the edge of the pool. Since it's summer, let's enjoy it!

Paris-Bistro.Com – 20/06/15: Eole is a nature guide beloved by winemakers. His/Her medical breaths have the power to purify the vineyard, a necessary condition for producing great rosé wines. If, driven by an irresistible desire to escape quarantine, you feel like recharging at the foot of the Alpilles, go sniffing around these winemakers who are just as invested in the development of "country wines" I.G.P. ALPILLES as in the emblematic A.O.P. Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence. Recommended gourmet stop: Domaine d'Eole in Eygalières between St Rémy-de-Provence and Cavaillon, a "trendy" vineyard.... in terms of history, since the choice of organic agriculture has been a priority here since 1993. Gone are the chemical treatments and their cohorts of pesticides, herbicides and other poisons ending in "cides"... It's time for soil work and a harmonious union between tradition and modernity. This Souffle d'Eole 2019, without added sulfites, was born from a blend dominated by grenache, an essential grape variety in southern viticulture. The aerial cinsault grape and the Rhone variety counoise are added to it, completed with a hint of the aromatic carignan," is the translation of the message to en-US. The wine was fermented in concrete eggs and was regularly stirred on its lees, a process that creates richness in the flavor. Here is a gastronomic rosé, elegant from start to finish, with a bright "rose petal" color. Its subtle fragrance reveals an eloquent bouquet of macerated cherries, raspberries, sage, and tarragon upon aeration. The taste is refined and sophisticated. A rich, fresh feeling surrounds a waltz of red fruits orchestrated by wild strawberries. A long finale extends this festival. A very graceful rose that only needs saffron chicken to complement it.

Gault&Millaud – 20/06/30 (16.5/20) : Pure and naturally pink. Since 1996 committed to organic viticulture, this Provencal estate, recently acquired (but without changing its team), blows a very pure breeze that can only seduce lovers of natural sensations. Try without delay the experience with this cuvée without added sulfites, born in 2018, with a slightly orangey and lively light rosé, creamy, with a scent of wild strawberries and flowers. Let the party begin around the grill.

Luxury Touch – 10 july 2019 : Elegance Rosé. What a joy this breath of Aeolus (Greek god of the wind)! Ode to a tender minerality, one is seduced by the greediness of small wild strawberries that meet the juiciness of yellow stone fruit in a floral register. The mouth reveals a vibrant burst of flavor around the strawberry and red berries. This strawberry itself expresses a mineral quality that is very elegant, accompanied by a divine juicy acidity. A small delight for appetizers, it goes wonderfully well with aioli and flambeed prawns.
Elle à table – julyt-august 2019 : A breath, a breath that rests on the barely colored skin by the first rays. Frissonnant" is the new creation from Eole, where grenache offers up an apricot-like flavor, and peaches come to the party as well. Enjoy, it's daring.
Vigneron n°37 – june july august 2019 : The winery introduces with the 2018 vintage a sulfite-free rosé (in IGP Alpilles), a very pure expression of this Mediterranean terroir under Rhone Valley influence. The filtering soils and the Mistral wind dry out the vines from the top, leading to a high concentration. This creation monopolized the best grapes. The Grenache, Syrah, and original Counoise were pressed using nitrogen inerting. A concrete egg was used for the wine-making process. The result of a beautiful coppery raspberry color blends minerals and elegance, liveliness and softness, to better highlight the delicacy of the notes of wild strawberry, peach, and honeysuckle.
Robert Parker Wine Advocate - 19/05/01: (rating:87 - drink-date : 2019) A rosé produced with no added sulfur and aged in a concrete egg on all of its lees, the 2018 IGP Alpilles Souffle d'Eole is bold pink in color, with pronounced cherry fruit. There's some skin-sy character on the nose and some tannin on the palate, with hints of leather appearing on the finish.

The Souffle d'Eole 2018 is a rosé wine made without added sulfites and aged in egg-shaped concrete vats to enhance the lees contact. It has a color between pomelo and red currant and its flavor has a distinctive cherry note. The nose presents lovely spicy notes and crushed red fruits, as well as a slight tannin on the palate and pretty leather notes on the finish.